Eilene White
Editor/Publisher of:
Cocker Classic Magazine

912 Hemlock Rd,
Carson, WA 98610.
For questions call Eilene on 503-701-7974 West Coast Time.
Email Eilene at cockerclassic21@gmail.com


We do have some Editions In Hard Copies
to enquire about what Edition your wanting please contact Eilene White.
(contact details below)

We live in West Coast so do remember the TIME Difference
is 3 hours earlier
if you are calling at 9 am for instance
on the East Coast its only 6 AM ON THE WEST COAST.~Thankyou

PHONE US: 509-427-8925


CELL PHONE: 503-701-7974

Cocker Classic
912 Hemlock Rd,
Carson, WA 98610


Allow 2 weeks processing.

payment is accepted via money order, checks,cash & credit card.

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